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Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University Corrigendum – Empanelment of Visiting Faculty on Short Term Appointment

Applications are invited from interested and eligible candidates for the following Positions. Interested Eligible candidates fulfilling the criteria may submit their applications in the prescribed format along with the detailed CV / As per the Norms.


📅 Date of Advertisement: 10-07-2021




The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) was established in August 2020 by the Government of NCT of Delhi to equip students with world-class skill education to enable access to aspirational jobs and inculcate entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship. DSEU aims to create a win-win for the youth and the industry by filling the existing gaps in skill training. Building on the education philosophy of thinkers such as Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave, DSEU aims to integrate the use of the hand, head, and heart for balanced living and engagement in lifelong learning. The focus will be on teaching both self-reliance for life-long independence and the wisdom towards nurturing and valuing interdependence. The University wishes to change the existing paradigm of skilling, making skill acquisition aspirational and providing opportunities to all for skilling, up-skilling and reskilling. Besides, DSEU will support and nurture entrepreneurs and provide quality mentorship to steer the entrepreneurial journeys of those interested, by providing incubation, and constant support.

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) Government of NCT of Delhi Invites Applications are invited from eligible candidates for Teaching Positions empanelment as Visiting Faculty Recruitment

The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) has been established through an act of the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, namely the “Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University Act, 2019 (DELHI ACT 04 OF 2020) to provide quality education in applied sciences and skill education. The University came into existence on 15th August 2020 vide Notification dated 14.08.2020.

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for empanelment as Visiting Faculty on Short term appointment in various courses of Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University as per the details given below:


  • Visiting Faculty


S.No.Existing Clause (Name of Courses)Corrigendum (Courses to be read as)
1B.A.(Aesthetics & Beauty Therapy)B.A.(Aesthetics & Beauty Therapy)
2BBA( Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)BBA( Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)
3Bachelors in Computer ApplicationsBachelors in Computer Applications
4B.Com (Business Process Management)B.Com (Business Process Management)
5B.Sc (Data Analytics)B.Sc (Data Analytics)
6BA (Digital Media & Design)BA (Digital Media & Design)
7BMS (E-Commerce)BMS (E-Commerce)
8BBA( Facilities and Hygiene Management)BBA( Facilities and Hygiene Management)
9BMS (Land Transportation)BMS (Land Transportation)
11B.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology)B.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology)
12BBA (Retail Management)BBA (Retail Management)
13BA (Spanish)BA (Spanish)
14B.TechB.Tech (Mechanical and Automation Engineering)
15M.TechB.Tech ( Electronics and Communications Engineering)
16 B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering)
17 B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering – ME)
18 B.Tech (Tool Engineering)
19 B.Tech (Mechatronics Engineering)
20 Entrepreneurship & Innovation
21 MCA
22 M.Tech(Tool Engineering)
23 Soft Skills Courses


  1. The responsibilities of empanelled faculty involve: (i) design (ii) delivery and (iii) assessment of
  2. Criteria for selection –
    A. The applicant must have the requisite educational qualification and experience:
    ● Bachelors in the relevant field with at least 60 percent marks and 12 years of industry experience (with at least 5 years at supervisory level)
    ● Masters level in the relevant field with at least 60 percent marks and 8 years of teaching/industry experience
    ● PhD in the relevant field and 3 years of teaching/industry experience
    B. Those applying with only teaching experience must have:
    ● Taught the subjects (they are applying for) at a reputed institution/organization for two or more years.
    ● Received good to excellent feedback in the courses taught by them (will be asked to provide proof of feedback received)
    ● Applicants applying for teaching in M.Tech. courses must also have considerable research output in related areas
    ● The applicant must be committed to the experiential method of learning and teaching. Evidence of the same may be expected to be furnished by the applicant.

For those applying with industry experience
● The applicant must have worked for at least three years in the field related to the course subject
● The applicant must have demonstrated exceptional skill in at least one area related to the course

Relevant experience before the degree would also be counted towards experience. Degrees obtained only from UGC and AICTE recognised colleges will be accepted. Degrees obtained from renowned foreign institutions will also be accepted


An honorarium of 50,000/- INR per credit will be paid to the faculty. Each credit is counted as, on an average 22 hours of student contact (the number of contact hours per credit may vary depending on whether the course is only theory, both theory and practice, and only practice). The faculty will be responsible for (i) design (ii) delivery and (iii) assessment required in the course. The amount would be disbursed only after the assessment of the students is finalised by the faculty and submitted to
the office. The classes may be conducted both at University Campus and Industrial premises as per requirement of the course. Also the classes may be partly online and partly face-to-face


Dwarka, New Delhi


DSEU has also revised the application link. Instead of google form – Please click on ‘Apply Now’ next to the ad.

The University Invites online applications from eligible candidates for the visiting faculty positions.

  1. Applicants residing anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply.
  2. Good knowledge of computer applications will be a distinct plus.
  3. Applicants should ensure that they fulfil all eligibility criteria.
  4. All qualifications must be from recognized Board/Universities/Institutes. The applicants who have obtained qualifications from any Board/University/Institution declared fake or not recognized by respective regulatory bodies shall not be eligible.
  5. Concealment of facts or supply of wrong information will result in cancellation of candidature at any time. In addition the candidate will face legal action.
  6. If a candidate is found ineligible at any stage of selection/norms his/her candidature will be summarily cancelled.
  7. The prescribed essential qualifications and experience indicated are bare minimum and mere possession of the same will not entitle any applicant for empanelment. The applications may be short-listed on the basis as deemed appropriate by the Competent Authority.
  8. University reserves the right not to empanel the post advertised without assigning any reason.
  9. The applicants are advised to keep on visiting the website of the University for related updates including any corrigendum/addendum. Both rejections and acceptance will not be shared in the public domain.
  10. Candidates are requested to apply on the following link:
  11. Please apply at the earliest. We will keep empanelling as and when we find suitable faculty. The first tranche of empanelment will begin on 16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
  12. For any queries- please write to


The last date for receiving applications is on or before 16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
The last date for receiving applications is on or before 16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM

B.Tech (Mechatronics Engineering)16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Sc (Data Analytics)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
Entrepreneurship & Innovation16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
BA (Spanish)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
Bachelors in Computer Applications16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering – ME)16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
MCA16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
BBA (Facilities and Hygiene Management)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Com (Business Process Management)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
BMS (E-Commerce)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Tech (Mechanical and Automation Engineering)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
M.Tech(Tool Engineering)16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.A.(Aesthetics & Beauty Therapy)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
BBA (Retail Management)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering)16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
BMS (Land Transportation)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Tech (Tool Engineering)16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
Soft Skills Courses16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM
BA (Digital Media & Design)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
BBA (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)16-07-2021 , 12:00 AM
B.Tech (Electronics and Communications Engineering)16-08-2021 , 12:00 AM



 (011) – 20985112


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Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University, G/Floor, Integrated Institute of Technology Complex, Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110077, INDIA


Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) Government of NCT of Delhi Invites Application for the Empanelment of Visiting Faculty on Short Term Appointment

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