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Rashtriya Raksha University Online interview for following Non Teaching & Administrative staff on purely contractual & rolling basis

Applications are invited from interested and eligible candidates for the following Positions. Interested Eligible candidates fulfilling the criteria may submit their applications in the prescribed format along with the detailed CV / As per the Norms.


Date of Advertisement: 18-03-2021




The University is destined to grow as a model security educational University of India. Its endeavors focus on highly professional security, strategic and defense education, research and training through its qualified civilian and military faculty, committed human resource, motivated participants and students, intellectually stimulating and professional disciplined environment and world-wide network, sharing and exchange. It aims at providing security and strategic education in the contemporary and futuristic security and strategic studies and interdisciplinary areas. The University contributes to vision of India of Peace, Prosperous and Stable World in alliance with grand strategic cooperation between like-minded nations and promoting greater understanding between senior military officers, diplomats, civil servants and civilians to promote the cause of the Nation.

Online interview for following Non- Teaching & Administrative staff on purely contractual & rolling basis


  • Project Development Manager
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Analyst
  • Communications Coordinator (Project Assistant)
  • Planning and Coordination Officer (Training and Research)


  • School of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SASET)


Project Development Manager
Educational Qualifications& Experience
• A candidate having Ph.D from a recognized University with concentration in the field of engineering, science or any other relevant field.
• Minimum 5+ years of experience in relevant area/ private or educational / research organization.
• Field experience of working in an innovation center and/or working with startups/innovators
• Excellent communication & drafting skills.
Key Responsibilities:
• Identifying, training, and coordinating with the innovators through outreach and sensitization activities
• Conducting training programs and awareness seminars for potential customers and innovators to foster the presence concentrating in the field of security.
• Foster partnerships with relevant stakeholders to identify business needs and collaborate on common interest objectives
• Conduct R&D for identifying and establishing a functioning ecosystem for various stakeholders like MSMEs and innovators.
• Lead, identify and provide strategic, business, financial guidance and arrange resources for technical mentoring for the students and the Innovators.
• Perform time to time research for identifying and establishing a functioning ecosystem through various active communication channels.
Other Desirable Qualifications
• Communicate effectively in writing reports, drafting compliance documents with utmost precision and without supervision.
• Excellent communication skills to make presentations and business pitches to potential clients and senior management.
• Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
• Proven leadership skills with a large and diverse workforce.
• Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Analyst
Educational Qualifications& Experience
• A candidate having Bachelors/PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from recognized University.
• Minimum 04+ years’ of experience in an innovation center or similar organization.
Key Responsibilities:
• Perform patent search, patent drafting & patent filling for Innovators
• Conduct IPR & Startup Awareness Sessions, seminars and conferences
• Outreach and sensitization on Startup & IP policy
• Conduct IPR Session, training programs and mentor Startups in various fields
• Review and give inputs to form policies related to IPR
• Start-up and Innovation Ecosystem Development
• Assist R&D with IP review process for development projects.
• Manage and carry out various types of patent analytics, including freedom-to-operate, patent invalidation, infringement analysis, assessment, and other non-patent literature analysis.
• Support IP due diligence work for innovator-critical projects pertaining to growth initiatives, business development, research collaborations, and marketing.
Other Desirable Qualifications
• Practical knowledge of IP related activities, end to end management, SSIP and patent filing guidelines
• Excellent communication, drafting and training program skills.
• Proven leadership skills with a large and diverse workforce
• Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Communications Coordinator (Project Assistant)
Educational Qualifications& Experience
• A candidate having Bachelor’s Degree from recognized University.
• Minimum 4+ years’ of experience in communications content creation.
Key Responsibilities:
• Under the shared services model, provide inputs in content conveyance for common communication and medium of ideas and research from various portals.
• Research audience preferences and discover current trends using social media tools
• Produce reports based upon online traffic and other representational activities
• Stay up-to-date with changes in all platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness of the organization representation
• Create content strategies for digital media to promote organizational activities, presence and marketing purposes.
• Execute or manage social media campaigns to inform search marketing tactics for the Innovators to attract investors and stakeholders
• Perform and optimize searches for every training programs as well as the products developed by the Innovators for creating content, fund raising and promotional activities.
• Execute or manage banner, photo content, video, or other non-text link ad campaigns to foster positive image and attract more participation through outreach.
• Analyze website and related online data to track trends, usage and provide inputs for future outreach activities
• Implement advertising or marketing initiatives for the Innovators as well as for the training programs and course curriculums.
Other Desirable Qualifications
• Advanced knowledge and experience in media relations, content writing, communications management, and marketing.
• Excellent communication and training skills and as a team member.
• Proven leadership skills with a large and diverse workforce with ability to work without supervision
• Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Planning and Coordination Officer (Training and Research)
Educational Qualifications& Experience:
• Candidate having Bachelors Degree from recognized University.
• Minimum 03+ years’ experience in Budget/ Finance/Audit/ Academic/ Placement/ campus development & maintenance/ administration in academic-research institute setup/ Government/Semi Government/ Public or Private University/institutions.
• Professional competence includes knowledge of functioning of academic/research institution and Innovation/Startup center
• Knowledge of academic and administrative rules and regulation
• Ability to work with government and academic departments and offices;
Key Responsibilities:
• Maintain various information databases for the purposes of use by senior management
• Scheduling, handling payroll, and accounting activities
• Receiving and forwarding communications, and taking care of more general clerical duties.
• File, document, and maintain MOD, PO, WO from time to time, to assist in reimbursement procedure both inward for the University and outward process.
• Responsible for event planning, Webex meetings, and organizational events, as well as serving as a greeter for incoming clients.
• Maintains financial accounts of the Section.
• Prepare regular reports on expenses and school budgets
• Maintains a variety of paper and electronic records for the Faculty, visiting faculty and archiving as necessary and ensuring security of the records.
• Provides a variety of administrative support functions including organizing training programs, webinars, seminars, conferences for Innovators and targeted participants.
• To perform any other Responsibilities assigned by the university.
Other desirable Qualifications:
• Knowledge of academic or administrative or Procurement or Examination or Human Resource (recruitment, promotion) regulations and rules
• Fluency in English is essential
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
• Female candidates are encouraged to apply.


  • Project Development Manager ₹50000-60000
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Analyst ₹ 40000-50000
  • Communications Coordinator (Project Assistant) ₹35000-45000
  • Planning and Coordination Officer (Training and Research) ₹30000-40000


Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Note: Depending upon the experience of the candidate, needs and interest of University. The University may offer appropriate monthly fixed remunerations.Applications for Online Interview to be received until 22nd March, 2021. Late applications will not be considered. Send your Resume on

Resume Submission to: (Kindly send both, Resume and Brief Profile Form (see end of this document) in one email)

Last Date of Resume Submission: 23rdMarch, 2021

Interview Timings and link for Interview on Google Meet will be shared on 24th March, 2021.

  1. Appointment against these positions is for contractual period. The contractual appointment shall end on the stipulated date of expiry of contract stated in the appointment letter. Selected candidates shall have no right to renewal, extension of conversion into permanent employment. The appointment thereof is subject to the availability of the post or funds, budgetary approval or extension of the mandate.
  2. Inclusive diversity is aimed for building dynamic force and therefore, qualified females, reserved category, minority candidates are strongly encouraged for the application.
  3. The described qualifications and/or experience shall be the minimum requirement, and the mere fact that a candidate possesses the same shall not entitle him/her for interview. The RashtriyaRaksha University shall have the right to restrict the number of candidates to be interviewed to a reasonable level based on better or higher qualifications and experience than the minimum prescribed.
  4. RashtriyaRaksha University reserves the right to take appropriate action against such candidate.
  5. The RashtriyaRaksha University shall have the right to:
    a. Maintain a database of the applications for 6 months received from the candidates and contact them in future should the need arise for the vacancy of same or similar position;
    b. relax any of the qualifications/experience at its discretion;
    c. not make an appointment to this vacancy and/or at a revised remuneration;
    d. make an appointment with a modified job description and to fix revised qualifications, experience, remuneration and requirements;
    e. draw/ reserve panel(s) against the possible vacancies in the near future;
  6. An impeccable record for integrity and professional ethical standards is essential. Canvassing or influencing in any form on behalf of any candidate will disqualify such candidate.
  7. In case of any inadvertent mistake in the process of selection, which may come to notice at any stage even after the issue of appointment letter, the RashtriyaRaksha University reserves the right to modify / withdraw / cancel any communicationor offer, made to the candidates at any stage. The process of selection, the decision of the RashtriyaRaksha University shall be final and binding
  8. If needed, the candidate may be required to stay at RashtriyaRaksha University, Lavad Campus.
  9. The University retains the clarification to offset the experience with education qualifications and vice-versa.
  10. Out of Gujarat candidates including Containment Zone( from any state) can apply for online Interview and can share their resume and Brief Profile Form on

COVID-19 Guidelines to be followed during the walk-in-interview.

  1. Candidates will not be allowed for walk-in-interview, if he/she has any COVID like symptoms. He/ she have to submit the attached declaration from before entering in the premises.
  2. Face-mask is compulsory & installed Arogya setu APP in his/her mobile throughout the process of walk-in-interview
  3. Any Luggage will not be allowed within the premises during walk-in-interview. It should be keep outside the premises.
  4. Accompanying person(s) will not be allowed within the premises during the entire walk-in-interview.
  5. All the Candidates must have to follow the guidelines of GoG & GoI for social distancing & other pertaining to COVID-19, which is published from time to time by Government.


Sr. No.Name of the PostDate of Interview
01Project Development Manager25/03/2021
02Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Analyst25/03/2021
03Communications Coordinator (Project Assistant)25/03/2021
04Planning and Coordination Officer (Training and Research)25/03/2021




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Rashtriya Raksha University, Camp Road, near NIOH, Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380016, INDIA


Walk-in interview at SASET

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