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Indian Institute of Teacher Education Invites Application for Chanakya Award for Teacher Education



Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE), established in 2010 is a brainchild of the then CM of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi. He wanted to establish an institute which would produce world class teachers and export them. At a time when the world is facing shortage of teachers, he wanted India to lead from the front. “If you send a businessman to a foreign land, he controls dollars, but if you send a teacher s/he would control the whole generation”. Modi used to say. Shri Narendra Modi is one of the few such visionaries who thought that 21st century education would not just consist of a degree but an all inclusive setup, and hence the idea of innovative, residential, integrated degrees was brought in to existence. To lend a material shape to the best educational philosophies from across the world, a team of experts led by legendary Indian academician and philosopher Shri Kireetbhai Joshi and other scholars of national and international stature came together to design the curriculum of IITE.


Chanakya, also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta was a professor, philosopher, a great scholar and a royal adviser. He spent the last phase of his life at the ancient Takshashila Vidyapith in Takshashila, as a professor of economics and political science. Chanakya served as the chief advisor to Chandragupta. Chanakya has been credited with authoring two treatises said to be the first of its genre in the world – the Arthashastra (Economics), the ancient Indian political treatise; the Niti-shastra, the Chanakya Niti, a treatise on the ideal way of life and his policies. He is an apt example of a true Guru and an ideal teacher under whose guidance the Indian Maurya empire emerged as the superpower 4 5 in the world and that is why the name of Chanakya is immortal in the history of education in India as well as in the world. To commemorate and to pay homage to Chanakya, one of the greatest teachers of India, Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE) has thought of recognising the efforts with significant and high-quality contributions to the field of teacher education in India by felicitating them with “Chanakya Awards for Teacher Education”. These awards will be given in three categories.


A teacher is the backbone of any country, and the teachers’ teacher is the pivot to nurture this backbone. Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji has very rightly said: “If we want to improve the quality of education, the nurturing of teacher is more important as compared to infrastructure and the process of education is more important than the eduction system” IITE is taking up the lead in admiring the efforts in the form of Chanakya award

The Chanakya Awards for Teacher Education is being instituted to recognise the efforts and achievements of
teaching fraternity. The award will be given in three categories, namely:

★ Best Teacher Trainee
★ Best Teacher Educator
★ Best Teacher Education Institute

The awardees will be felicitated every year on the Foundation Day of IITE (30th June), with a certificate,
trophy and a cash prize.


Best Teacher Trainee

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Teaching Skills
  3. Achievements
    • Curricular
    • Co-curricular
  4. Community Contribution

Best Teacher Educator

  1. Academic Aspects
  2. Professional Development
  3. Extension Expertise
  4. Best Practices
    • Curricular
    • Co-curricular
  5. Administrative Contribution
  6. Community Contribution

Best Teacher Education Institute

  1. Curricular Aspects
  2. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
  3. Research and Outreach Activities
  4. Infrastructure and Resources
  5. Student Support and Progression
  6. Governance, Leadership and
  7. Institutional Values and Best


Category 1
✓ Teacher trainee (i.e. student of any teacher education programme recognised by NCTE), who is in the final year during the awarding year will be eligible.
✓ Student studying in the last year of teacher training institution in government/grant-in-aid/ unaided/autonomous/constituent
institution in India affiliated to a University recognised by UGC may apply.
✓ In case of nomination, it should be from the Head of the Institution from where he/she is studying.

Category 2
✓ The teacher educator should have at least ten years of teaching experience in regular service in government/grant-in-aid/ unaided/ autonomous/constituent institution in India affiliated to a University recognised by UGC.
✓ The teacher educator should be a full-time teacher as per the UGC guidelines for teacher educator and working in the NCTE recognised TEIs.
✓ Teacher educator should not be more than 62 years of age as on 1st January of the year of the award.
✓ In case of nomination, it should be from the Head of the current institution from where he/she is applying.

Category 3
✓ Any government/grant-inaid/autonomous/constituent/ public/private teacher training institution in India affiliated to a university recognised by UGC and NCTE, having minimum five years’ experience of running teacher training programmes may apply.
✓ The university can also nominate affiliated institute


  1. Any Indian citizen/ institute situated in India can apply.
  2. Application for the award shall be invited through IITE web- portal or by sending e-mails directly to the state education department, Centre/ State universities and TEIs for wide publicity.
  3. The detailed instructions is available on the website of IITE, i.e.
  4. Applicant him/herself can apply directly by filling the application form or external nominator can nominate by filling the nomination form available on the website and submitting it through google link on or before the due date.
  5. In case of direct application, nomination is not required.
  6. Application are invited in all the three categories from 1st February, 2021.
  7. In case of nomination, application must be submitted on or before 20th February, 2021 for further procedure.
  8. The last date for application is 15th March, 2021
  9. Every applicant shall submit self-attested proof of their works (documents, tools, report of activities, field visits, photographs, audios or videos and other supporting materials) in scanned pdf copy along with the application form either in Hindi or in English.
  10. Please write to for any clarification in this regard.
  11. Correspondence address:
    The Academic Section,
    Indian Institute of Teacher Education,
    Ramkrishna Paramhans Vidya Sankul,
    Sector – 15, Kh-Road, Gandhinagar-16, Gujarat – India.

To fill the Google form of particular Category click on the given link:
Category-1: Chanakya Award for Best Teacher Trainee:
Category-2: Chanakya Award for Best Teacher Educator:
Category-3: Chanakya Award for Best Teacher Education Institute:
Nomination form:

To Download Application form Click here

Best Teacher Trainee

Best Teacher Educator

Best Teacher Education Institute

Nomination Form


The last date for application is 15th March, 2021


Felicitation will include…
• Certificate
• Trophy
• Cash Prize of Rupees:
25,000/- (for Best Teacher Trainee)
50,000/- (for Best Teacher Educator)
1, 00,000/- (for Best Teacher Education Institute)


Indian Institute of Teacher Education
(A State Public University established by Government of Gujarat)
Mahatma Mandir, Kh-Road, Sector-15, Gandhinagar-382016, Gujarat, India
Phone: +91-79-23287338, 23243734


Chanakya Award Brochure
Chanakya Award Advertisement

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