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Rashtriya Raksha University Walk-in interview for the various post under School of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Applications are invited from interested and eligible candidates for the following Positions. Interested Eligible candidates fulfilling the criteria may submit their applications in the prescribed format along with the detailed CV / As per the Norms.


Date of Advertisement: 11-01-2021




The University is destined to grow as a model security educational University of India. Its endeavors focus on highly professional security, strategic and defense education, research and training through its qualified civilian and military faculty, committed human resource, motivated participants and students, intellectually stimulating and professional disciplined environment and world-wide network, sharing and exchange. It aims at providing security and strategic education in the contemporary and futuristic security and strategic studies and interdisciplinary areas. The University contributes to vision of India of Peace, Prosperous and Stable World in alliance with grand strategic cooperation between like-minded nations and promoting greater understanding between senior military officers, diplomats, civil servants and civilians to promote the cause of the Nation.


  • Project Research Strategist
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Project Research Coordinator
  • Financial Specialist
  • Administrative Officer


School of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SASET)


Project Research Strategist
Educational Qualification & Experience:
β˜… Master’s degree from a recognized University with specialization in international law.
β˜… International experience working in the field of law and research with some international organization(s).
β˜… Proven knowledge of structure and content of foreign policy and laws.
β˜… Able to communicate with key stakeholders to determine project requirements and objectives.
β˜… Able to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Other Desirable Qualification:
β˜… Able to analyze case studies and guiding principles, deduce and evaluate information to determine compliance with policies and project proposals and objectives.
β˜… Excellent communication skills to make presentations and business pitches to potential clients and senior management.
β˜… Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
β˜… Communicate effectively in writing reports, drafting compliance documents with utmost precision and without supervision.
Key Responsibilities:
β˜… Analyze and coordinate the schedule, timeline, procurement, and budget of various projects in the field of security and innovation.
β˜… Lead and manage joint research, academic and training activities, especially in the field of security.
β˜… Develop and update project plans including information such as objectives, technologies, schedules, and funding.
β˜… Collaborate to formulate policies, offer analytical support to subordinates and give briefs to the senior management.
β˜… Prepare study reports, memoranda, briefs, testimonies, reports or other written materials to inform government or private organizations.
β˜… To complete post-excavation analysis and reporting on projects undertaken in a timely manner and to the highest professional standard
β˜… Develop capability and procedures within the field team to enhance the commercial performance and academic standing

Communications Coordinator
Educational Qualification & Experience:
β˜… Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University with minimum of 5 years of field experience in communications marketing and advertising.
β˜… Proven work experience in communications, media marketing and advertising
β˜… In-depth knowledge of SEO, keyword research and media relations
β˜… Proven work experience in multiple social media platforms
β˜… Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video) on various platforms
Other Desirable Qualification:
β˜… Familiarity with online marketing strategies and marketing channels
β˜… Ability to grasp future trends in digital technologies and act proactively
β˜… Excellent communication skills
β˜… Excellent analytical and writing skills
Key Responsibilities:
β˜… Develop and implement communications and other media strategies to attract and increase viewer audience
β˜… Research audience preferences and discover current trends
β˜… Create engaging text, image and video content
β˜… Design posts and maintain and monitor different platforms for multiple departments
β˜… Measure web traffic and monitor SEO
β˜… Stay up-to-date with changes in all communications platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness
β˜… Produce reports based upon online traffic and media activities
β˜… Develop an optimal posting schedule, considering web traffic and customer engagement metrics

Project Research Coordinator
Educational Qualification and Experience:
β˜… Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University
β˜… Minimum of one-year experience in the field of research
Other Desired Qualifications:
β˜… Excellent communication skills in English
β˜… Ability to interpret and understand regulations, rules, procedures, etc.
β˜… Aptitude for encouraging overall academic and research environment and understanding the capability and capacities of teaching and research staff.
Key Responsibilities:
β˜… Identify, determine project objectives and communicate with both internal and external
clients for collaboration purposes.
β˜… Conduct academic, research, training and extension activities in assigned areas/ projects.
β˜… To complete post-excavation work to all agreed University standards with the given budget and time frame.
β˜… To ensure professional standards of work are maintained and projects are completed to time and budget.
β˜… To complete post-excavation analysis and reporting on projects undertaken in a timely manner and to the highest professional standard
β˜… Develop capability and procedures within the field team to enhance the commercial performance and academic standing.
β˜… Develop and maintain links with relevant professional bodies.

Financial Specialist
Educational Qualification and Experience:
β˜… Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University with concentration in Commerce, Accounts, Finance or related field
β˜… Minimum experience of 7 years in financial analysis, finance and marketing, funds raising, budgeting and drafting or related fields.
Other Desired Qualifications:
β˜… Excellent oral and written communication skills with fluency in English to communicate with both national and international clients.
β˜… Proven experience in solving complex problems related to and managing finances
β˜… Extensive knowledge of procurement, developing, drafting financial reports for documentation maintenance and filing purpose.
Key Responsibilities:
β˜… Liaise with government departments, funding institutions / private agencies, regulatory bodies for all finance matters
β˜… Conduct cost analyses of school, academic, research and training programs
β˜… Lead and contribute account, finance and budgetary tasks by conducting risk management and designing marketing strategies.
β˜… Research, outreach and coordinate government and private organizations for fund raising activities for school
β˜… Ensure all accounting activities and internal audits comply with financial regulations
β˜… Provide guidance to Directors, co-workers and other administration staff on finance, marketing, budget, audit and account matters.
β˜… Forecast and report monthly, quarterly and annual results using latest tools.
β˜… Maintain reports on financial metrics, including investments, return on assets and growth rates

Administrative Officer
Educational Qualification and Experience:
β˜… Master’s degree from a recognized University.
β˜… Minimum of four years’ experience in Finance/Accounts/Start-ups/Education
administration in academic-research institute setup/ Government/Semi Government/Public or Private University/institutions.
β˜… Professional competence includes knowledge of government drafting, database maintenance, policy framing and research
β˜… Knowledge of academic and administrative rules and regulation
β˜… Ability to work with government and academic departments and offices
Other Desired Qualifications:
β˜… Proven knowledge of education sector, policy framing, administrative, procurementand related fields.
β˜… Excellent skills in drafting project reports, filing documents, fund allocation reports as per government and academic policies and guidelines.
Key Responsibilities:
β˜… Prepare and maintain regularly reports on expenses, school budgets and filings for documentation and analysis purposes.
β˜… Coordinate with different organizations for investment opportunities, activities necessary for implementation for documentation and analyses purposes.
β˜… Perform exploratory study to help staff with drafting documents for formal communications.
β˜… Outreach organizations with supervisors and co-workers to assist and support with knowledge of government policies and initiatives.
β˜… Conduct research from time to time to update documentation and business outreach activities.
β˜… Assist account related activities like processing bills, financial marketing and outreach development.


As Per Norms


Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Address: Rashtriya Raksha University, Lavad, Dahegam, Gandhinagar-382305, Gujarat, India.

  • Documents compulsory at the time of your interview:
    • three copies of your resume with photograph, affixed on all copies.
    • one original and three sets of photocopies of your Academic certificates, Experience
    • certificate and other employment documents (if any).
  • Brief Profile Form and COVID Self-Declaration Form (Refer Annexure I)
  • All the candidates are mandated to download β€œBrief Profile Form” for Non-Teaching Staff (refer Annexure I at the end of this document), duly fill with Garamond 12 font or fill neatly and bring along with them for the interview.
  • All the candidates are expected to please read the COVID-19 Guidelines mentioned in Annexure I and follow them during the walk-in-interview. Every candidate has to submit the Corona self-declaration form (refer Annexure I), bring it at the security gate before entering the premises of the University as per Annexure I.
  • Please read the Special Notice and Considerations thoroughly before the appointment date.
  • If you have any query/questions/concerns, please contact +91-8825494019 between 10 AM and 4 PM, or drop an email to Out of Gujarat candidates including Containment Zone (from any state) can apply for online Interview and can share their resume to

COVID-19 Guidelines to be followed during the walk-in-interview.

  1. Candidate will not be allowed for walk-in-interview, if he/she has any COVID like symptoms. He/she will have to submit the attached declaration from before entering in the premises.
  2. Face-mask is compulsory & installed Arogyasetu APP in his/her mobile throughout the process of walk-in-interview
  3. Any Luggage will not be allowed within the premises during walk-in-interview. It should be kept outside the premises.
  4. Accompanying person(s) will not be allowed within the premises during the entire walk-in interview.
  5. All the Candidates must follow the guidelines of GoG&GoI for social distancing & other rules pertaining to COVID-19 which are published from time to time by Government.


Walk in interview on Jan 16, 2021, Wednesday(Refer each position for respective interview time




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Rashtriya Raksha University, Camp Road, near NIOH, Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380016, INDIA


Walk-in interview for the various post under School of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SASET)

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